She 701 (Saree)

  • Fabric: Georgette,Chiffon,Net
  • Stitching Option: Boutique Stitching
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She 701 (Saree) Pcs 10

D,No- 701

             Saree- Yellow & Orange Colour with Pure Brasso.

             Blouse- Orange Colour with Brasso.

D.No- 702

             Saree- Chiku L Green Colour with Pure Georgette.

             Blouse- Chiku colour with Pure Georgette.

D.No- 703

             Saree- Yellow, Orange & Red colour with Georgette Crape.

              Blouse- Red colour with Crape.

D.No- 704

             Saree- Purple colour with Georgette crape.

             Blouse- Green colour with Georgette Crape.

D.No- 705

            Saree-  Chiku colour with half Georgette half Silk.

           Blouse- Mehroon colour with Banglori Silk.

D.No- 706

           Saree- Rama green colour with Golden Georgette.

          Blouse- Blue colour with Golden Georgette.

D.No- 707

           Saree- Cream colour with Georgette Satin Patta.

          Blouse- Mehandi colour with Georgette Satin.

D.No- 708

           Saree- Blue colour with Georgette Satin.

          Blouse- Red colour with Banglori silk.

D.No- 709

           Saree- Grey pink colour with Pure crape.

          Blouse- Pink colour with pure crape.

D.No- 710

           Saree- Blue colour with Golden Georgette.

           Blouse- Mehroon colour with Golden Georgette.

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Product Fabric
Fabric Georgette,Chiffon,Net
Boutique Stitching

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