Maria B 4 (Lawn Collection)

  • Brand: Deepsy Suits (DS)
  • Style: Pakistani Style/Replicas
  • Fabric: Cotton,Camric,Lawn
  • Stitching Option: Boutique Stitching
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6 Lawn Suits

Maria B 4

DNo. 100-801
Top Pure Cotton with Shifli Embroidery. Back and Sleeves Print.
Bottom Lawn Cotton Print with Embroidery.
Dupatta Chiffon Print.

DNo. 100-802
Top Pure Cotton Ink Print with Heavy Embroidery.
Bottom Lawn Cotton Printed.
Dupatta Nazneen Chiffon with Heavy Embroidery.

DNo. 100-803
Top Pure Cotton with Heavy Self Embroidery and Hand Made Tussels as accessories.
Bottom Lawn Cotton
Dupatta Chiffon Print

DNo. 100-804
Top Pure Cotton with Gold Print and Heavy Embroidery.
Bottom Semi-Lawn
Dupatta Chiffon Print

DNo. 100-805
Top Pure Cotton with Shifli Embroidery and Embroidered Patches.
Bottom Lawn Cotton
Dupatta Chiffon Printed

DNo. 100-806
Top Pure Cotton with Self-Embroidery and accessories.
Bottom Semi Lawn
Dupatta Chiffon Printed

Product Fabric
Fabric Cotton,Camric,Lawn
Product Style
Style Pakistani Style/Replicas
Boutique Stitching

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