Lowest Price Guarantee

We, SK Exports or www.salwarkameezwholesale.com pride ourselves in our customer Service. We truly believe that you will like our service and partnership approach to doing business. Our passion for customer satisfaction, timely delivery & fair business practices reflects in everything we do and have been doing for last 15 + years in this business.

To top it all, it gives us pride that we will be the lowest and most competitive price you can get in any market. We are just not any e-commerce store with no face. We are confident that our prices are lowest because

  1. We are manufacturers or authorized distributors for most of the material on our site – which makes us very competitive in our pricing

  2. We operate on minimum 3-5% margins to ensure you get the best prices and can make money in the process.

If you are able to get a better price for any item on our site, we will not only match but beat the price , before you buy the item from us.

Few things to note

  1. We will compare the total price of the order and not individual line items

  2. The product match has to be exact with same fabric and fabric length – its very common for some store owners to put in a cheaper lining material. We don’t do this as we want long term customers over short term profit

  3. Ensure we match the service offered for shipping time etc.

Your business is most important to us and we look forward to earn it.